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Punto Alloggio
Via Muzza Spadetta 13
40053 Bazzano (BO)

Tel 051 833417

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The Bed&Breakfast Punto Alloggio is situated in Bazzano, notorious little town for it's own history and ancient landmarks. The Bed&Breakfast represents the right balance for those who want a quiet and reserved place but close to all necessary services, which are located in the historical town centre.

The town of Bazzano is part of "Strada dei vini e dei sapori" a culinary itinerary that links the provinces of Modena & Bologna and offers to all the opportunity to experience the traditional cuisine whilst visiting the unique valley rich of ancient castles, cherry tree orchards and vine yards symbol of local historical culture.

The Bed&Breakfast rooms are furnished with care and a passion for antiques, the furnitures are all from different historical periods and they've all been manufactured locally. All mod-cons have been carefully selected to give our guests the maximum comfort, the brand new bathrooms have been planned and executed with care and a vigilant eye on the details expecially for the choice of the materials.


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